What is Italian Wood and How is it Used?

Italian wood is harvested from trees that are too old to produce olives, or have been damaged by disease or nature. Milesi, a company that has been producing furniture since 1947 in Italy, states that their finishing products combine beauty and performance to ensure users get first-class results. These products were developed and refined through constant interaction with industry experts and designers. Classic Italian furniture is traditional European-style furniture made by artisans.

When manufacturing furniture in this style, all the precise details are taken into account, and the best of the material is used. Sesame wood is often used for classic Italian furniture, as it is stored for a couple of years and exposed to all kinds of weather conditions before 26% of it is seasoned and exported to factories or companies for the manufacture of furniture. Italian furniture can be classified into four different categories: classic Italian furniture made of solid wood, contemporary, modern, and traditional interiors. The Italian Baroque style refers to high-style furniture made in Italy during the Baroque period from the beginning of the 17th century to the middle of the 18th century.

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