Discover the 15 Best Italian Furniture Brands

Exquisite sofas with tufts of channels, sculptural metal table lamps and dining tables delicately adorned with decorative glass panels, not bad for an Italian brand that started out as a small ceramic workshop. Marioni, the first on our list of Italian furniture brands, has come a long way over the past five decades (founded in 1996) and, while her brand may not be as well-known as the design style it evokes, her pieces are no less impressive. The modern branch of Angelo Cappelini, a supplier of French-inspired furniture (think Louis and Regency styles), Opera Contemporary enjoys the full history of the Brianza heritage of its predecessor (which extends to the 1880s), but with a renewed aesthetic for the modern era. Having produced typically decorative Italian designs in the past, the recent Phillip Selva de Selva collections (the contemporary branch of the brand) have thankfully introduced a modern sensibility.

The work, which results in clean-lined designs to suit an experienced design clientele, retains the penchant for quality details acquired over the brand's years of development of traditional Italian furniture. His best-selling pieces include the Vendome armchairs, the Piccadilly side tables, the Peggy chair and just about anything from the Downtown collection. With almost 80 years of history in the manufacture of Italian furniture and a predecessor company that was backed by illustrious designers such as Aulenti and Magistretti, Casamilano enjoys a design sensibility that far exceeds its years. Capital has been creating collections of Italian furniture in the purest sense for more than 40 years.

Its recognition as “made in Italy” is only part of its story. One of the brand's missions is to move away from artificial materials and obtain substances grown on Italian soil with extreme awareness of environmental impact. Like Opera Contemporary, Capital is part of another emblematic Italian furniture brand. Atmosphera is the high-end manufacturer to which Capital is related, based in the Italian region of Padua.

With the same dedication to impeccable attention to detail, Capital differentiates itself in its commitment to contemporary silhouettes in its collection of cabinets, sofas, armchairs, desks and more. Before happy hour begins, follow us to quickly meet and greet the 10 best Italian furniture brands. Read more about its history and discover the main Italian furniture brands you need to know. Giorgetti is a company with a tradition of more than a hundred years and an international flavor, rooted in the city of Meda, in the center of Brianza.

With more than 90 years of history and headquarters in Meda, Cassina is the quintessence of Italian design. From the initial collaboration with Gio Ponti to the creative direction of Patricia Urquiola, the catalog is a true collection of icons, such as the Maralunga sofa and many more models that are capable of anticipating future trends. Cassina also stands out for the republication of historic pieces, including the LC collection of armchairs, chairs and tables, now relaunched with a new range of fabrics and finishes for outdoor spaces. From the Superleggera chair to the new outdoor proposals by Rodolfo Dordoni, Philippe Starck and Patricia Urquiola, all Cassina designs stand out for the quality of the project, beyond ephemeral trends.

Combining traditional craftsmanship and technological progress, the brand has also updated the legendary I Maestri collection, which includes icons designed by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand. People, ideas, places, projects and products are what make B&B Italia unique, now more than ever. Who doesn't like interior design? Pinterest is full of modern kitchens, neutral-colored bedrooms, and fantastic bathrooms. In this article of the 15 best Italian furniture brands, we want to show you true Italian craftsmanship, brands that have survived a few decades and are still thriving when it comes to interior design.

These are mostly luxury brands, but they offer the highest quality to anyone interested. Whether you want to buy one piece or design an entire house, we can't recommend these luxury Italian furniture brands enough. This Italian bedroom furniture set that Martini Mobili has to offer is truly a dream. From beds to chairs, dressers, tables etc., when it comes to their cooking styles Martini offers a wide variety of options.

For example Kitchen Nevada which is manufactured in Germany is in a rustic style while a more modern looking kitchen would be Maryrose built in Italy which is a mix between wood metal and stone. Their prices are within the luxury price range. Probasi has three main collections so far; firstly we talk about one with contemporary style with color palette ranging from gray to cherry red; secondly one with mix between contemporary materials but also velvet linen and many colors; finally one with mix between everything influenced by combination between shapes lines materials and textures. As it is luxury brand with Italian-style furniture prices are also in thousands or hundreds but these prices are not available online unless you request a quote.

The next Italian luxury furniture brand is Visionnaire founded in 1959 by company IPE in Bologna; this brand has unique design generally adapted to customer requests; Visionnaire has resources stores in more than 55 countries multiple showrooms around world also receive contracts do interior design luxury hotels yachts etc. This story is about family that started designing furniture out passion Marioni from 1966 born Florence by Paolo Marioni since then transmitted three generations they first used materials such ceramics then paid more attention details color combinations different materials Marioni has contemporary Italian furniture distinctive bedroom style while searching online Marioni top here's why we can talk three main collections Notorious Concept Classic all these luxury brands offer highest quality anyone interested buy one piece design entire house can't recommend enough.

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