What Makes Italian Furniture So Special?

Italian furniture has been adored for years for its excellent quality and elegant style. With mixed traditions and modern designs, Italian furniture has gained incredible popularity. Exquisite sofas with tufts of channels, sculptural metal table lamps and dining tables delicately adorned with decorative glass panels, not bad for an Italian brand that started out as a small ceramic workshop. Marioni, the first on our list of Italian furniture brands, has come a long way over the past five decades (founded in 1996) and, while her brand may not be as well-known as the design style it evokes, her pieces are no less impressive.

The modern branch of Angelo Cappelini, a supplier of French-inspired furniture (think Louis and Regency styles), Opera Contemporary enjoys the full history of the Brianza heritage of its predecessor (which extends to the 1880s), but with a renewed aesthetic for the modern era. Having produced typically decorative Italian designs in the past, the recent Phillip Selva de Selva collections (the contemporary branch of the brand) have thankfully introduced a modern sensibility. The work, which results in clean-lined designs to suit an experienced design clientele, retains the penchant for quality details acquired over the brand's years of development of traditional Italian furniture. His best-selling pieces include the Vendome armchairs, the Piccadilly side tables, the Peggy chair and just about anything from the Downtown collection.

With almost 80 years of history in the manufacture of Italian furniture and a predecessor company that was backed by illustrious designers such as Aulenti and Magistretti, Casamilano enjoys a design sensibility that far exceeds its years. Capital has been creating collections of Italian furniture in the purest sense for more than 40 years. Its recognition as “made in Italy” is only part of its story. One of the brand's missions is to move away from artificial materials and obtain substances grown on Italian soil with extreme awareness of environmental impact.

Like Opera Contemporary, Capital is part of another emblematic Italian furniture brand. Atmosphera is the high-end manufacturer to which Capital is related, based in the Italian region of Padua. With the same dedication to impeccable attention to detail, Capital differentiates itself in its commitment to contemporary silhouettes in its collection of cabinets, sofas, armchairs, desks and more. Most of the first known pieces of Italian furniture were Roman adaptations of Greek designs.

Bronze and wooden furniture from the first century were found in the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. More evidence of early Italian furniture can be found in paintings and carvings. The furniture frames were made of bronze or wood and were accented with precious metals, tortoiseshell and ivory details. The Romans developed a type of folding stool that was used by both ordinary people and Roman officials.

Round tables with curved animal-shaped legs were popular throughout the empire. Images of tables like this were found on tombstones depicting funerals. Many tables were made of citrus wood with slate or marble tops. Flexform's identity reflects its fully Italian values.

Theirs is an entirely Italian success story. Their furniture is handmade in only one country, Italy, from the design concept to the final product. Interacting with different cultures has broadened our perspective and helped us cultivate openness to new experiences. However, our production philosophy remains the same.

Our products are appreciated because they are the embodiment of “Made in Italy” and because they are an almost magical mix of elegance, comfort and discreet luxury. This is what we constantly give to our customers, because it's in our DNA, effortlessly. Your sofas and other furniture require remarkable experience, the touch of “knowledgeable hands” that is essential to manufacturing a product of such high manufacturing quality. The Brianza district is famous in the world of furniture, because it is full of specialized craftsmen whose experience and skills are transmitted from one generation to the next.

The products they manufacture are unique and unparalleled. Modern Italian furniture is very popular all over the world just because of its uniqueness and extraordinary designs. In fact, Italy is recognized worldwide for manufacturing fashionable and designer furniture; in fact, they are leaders in the furniture industry. These depend on professional experience, architecture, industrial concepts and areas of high knowledge.

Although many tend to think that Italian furniture is only available in certain parts of the world with little to offer, this is not true; contemporary design modern Italian furniture is highly sought after for its clean lines and extraordinary workmanship. This is because modern Italian designs still use classic beauty used in traditional style that persists to this day; this is why Italian furniture is so desired due to its sophisticated structure that uses only best materials so it tends to cost more than furniture designed in other countries. The design of collection is inspired both by Art Deco period and by most luxurious sophisticated masterpieces Italian heritage successfully mixed combined with masters 20th century design; design sofa or armchair as well bed any other piece furniture treated detail; quality durability raw materials certified numerous tests load strength resistance wear light Piccolo Design most famous reputable experienced Italian modern luxurious home decoration service provider world Italy home many beautiful creations such cars wines fashion natural extends your furniture well With more than 90 years history headquarters Meda Cassina quintessence Italian design; basically world changing now modern Italian furniture designers dominating market especially modern Italian furniture could first choice although difficult define words when contemplate magnificence furniture designed Italy clear artisans equally passionate each piece furniture regardless where.

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