What Style is Italian Furniture?

The 18th century Italian furniture was imperial and neoclassical in style, with Baroque curves giving way to simpler, more geometric shapes. The colors returned to a more neutral palette. The lines of the Italian Empire and the Neoclassical Empire were clearer and more geometric, while the ornamentation was broader and inspired by Greek, Roman and Egyptian styles. Classic furniture revives the designs of ancient Greece and Rome, with smooth columns, smooth geometric shapes and simple silhouettes.

The colors are white, ivory and dark brown in simple and rich fabrics, stone and wood. A classic room is serene and prosperous. Modern classic style furniture is characterized by sleek lines, the use of multi-tone glass and storage options for multiple uses. The use of solid wood is what makes classic-style Italian furniture different from other Italian furniture.

It is also more expensive due to its sophisticated structure that uses only the best materials. Tuscan furniture is mainly made of wood such as chestnut, cypress, fir and poplar. Classic Italian furniture is traditional European-style furniture made by artisans, still using the classic beauty used in the traditional style that persists to this day. The Italian Baroque style refers to high-style furniture made in Italy during the Baroque period from the beginning of the 17th century to the middle of the 18th century.

Little is known about Italian furniture after the fall of the Roman Empire, but it is believed that the method of constructing the turnery was invented. Contemporary modern Italian furniture is highly sought after for its clean lines and extraordinary workmanship.

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