Where is Italsofa Furniture Made?

Italsofa is an Italian brand in the upholstery market, introduced in 2000 by the Natuzzi Group, the largest furniture manufacturer in Italy. The collection of sofas and armchairs is designed, designed and developed at the Style Centre in Italy. Natuzzi Editions and Italsofa, however, are produced in China with Italian leather. Italsofa has been transformed into a line with more modern and fresh designs with a wider range of prices. My Natuzzi leather sofa and recliner have been looking like new for 10 years, even with pets.

Ten years ago, when Leather Center was operating, customers were convinced that steel springs were bad because they creaked, rusted, collapsed, etc. Does anyone know anything about how well Pirelli seat straps work compared to springs? The Natuzzi sofas I've seen have Pirelli seat straps (they look like seat belt straps that are over-woven) instead of springs. The sofa feels very comfortable, but I am wary of the absence of springs. I was going to buy a sofa set that the owner claims are Natuzzi Italia and are beautiful white leather sofas. However, before buying, I saw this logo on the side.

It doesn't look like a Natuzzi logo. If you like them and the price is right, why don't you buy them?.

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